Born: Bellingham, Washington, USA

Citizenship: American and Dutch

Civil Status: Married

FIELD: Portraits, ships, landscapes, cityscapes in oils and pastel or watercolor



National Academy of Design, New York, Program in painting, 1988-89

Riley League, White Plains, New York, Program in painting, 1988

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Doctor of Philosophy, Art History, 1975

University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, Master of Arts, Art History, 1970

Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington, Bachelor of Arts, History, 1965



1987ff Self-employed artist

1993 Smithsonian Institution, Art Historian, Florence, Italy

1987 University of Georgia, Art Historian, Cortona, Italy

1985 School of Visual Arts, New York, Lecturer on Medieval Art History

1983-85 Professor, Art History, Eastern Michigan University, European Cultural (Summer) Program

1983 University of Michigan, Visiting Professor, Art History

1975-87 Auburn University, Auburn Alabama, Art Department, Associate Professor of Art History

(with tenure, Department Head, 1985-87)

1973 University of Michigan, Visiting Lecturer

1971-74 University of Michigan, Teaching Fellow, Art History

1971-72 Flint (Michigan) Institute of Arts, Visiting Lecturer

1970-71 University of Missouri-Kansas City, Visiting Lecturer, Art History

1969-70 University of Oregon, Teaching Assistant, Art History



2006 Solo Exhibition, AWC of the Hague, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

2006 Solo Exhibition, Ilusion Galerie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2006 Solo Exhibition, van der Steenhoven, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2005 Solo Exhibition, De Kookgalerie, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands

2005 Mock’s City Views, Muiderberg, The Netherlands

2003-2004 “The Tall Ships,” Datema-Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2003-2004 Het-Portret, Naarden-Vesting, The Netherlands

2003-2004 Bij Jacqueline Ham, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2003 Solo Exhibition, De Kookgalerie, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands

2003 “Tall Ships,” DelfSail 2003, Delfzijl, The Netherlands

2003 “Artists Abroad,” British Society Exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2003 Mock’s City Views, Naarden-Vesting, The Netherlands

2003 Solo Exhibition, Eck en Maurick, Kortenhoef, The Netherlands

1994-2000 Paintings, Marie-Louise Woltering Gallery, Amsterdam

Exhibitions: “Amsterdam Stadt aan het Water” and “Sail ’95”

1994 Exhibition, Holland Casino, Valkenburg, The Netherlands

1992-94 Paintings, Siau Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1991 “Eccentric Views of Italian Architecture,” Paintings, Italian Cultural Institute,Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1990 ff Private commissions. Recent paintings in private

collections in the Netherlands, Italy, England, USA, Norway & Thailand

1987 Cortona, Italy, Exhibition, University of Georgia Cortona Art Program (and in Athens, Georgia, 1988)

1986 Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy, Florence Baptistery painting exhibited in “Spazio e Colore,” (Italian Exhibition)

1985 BBC Television, “The Day the Universe Changed,” James Burke series, Florence Baptistery painting used in television series and in book by the same title

1986 Brooklyn, New York, Art & Cultural Association Show

1984 Williams College, Clark Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts, Florence Baptistery painting in “Art & Science in Related Revolutions” Exhibition

1981 Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama, reconstruction’s of Jan van Eyck’s Holy Lamb Altarpiece & Filippo Brunelleschi’s perspective demonstration painting of the Florence Baptistery

1979 146 pen and ink portraits and scientific diagrams for Charlotte Ward’s book The World of Physical Science, Holden-Day, 1979

1979 La Grange, Georgia, Chatahoochie Valley Art Association, oil paintings

1978 One Man Exhibition, Auburn University, oil paintings

1974 Jan Vermeer copies exhibited at University of Michigan

1970 Vancouver, Washington, The Quay, One-man Exhibition, paintings

1970 Newberg, Oregon, George Fox College, One-man Exhibition, paintings



Lecture “Flemish Perspective,” Los Angeles County Museum of Art (California), 1970

Lecture, “The Kansas City Petrus Christus,” Nelson Gallery-Atkins Museum, Missouri, 1977

Lectures, Montgomery Museum of Art, Montgomery, Alabama, 1977-78

Article, “The Kansas City Petrus Christus: Its Importance and Dating,” The Nelson Gallery and Atkins Museum Bulletin, Vol. V, 1978, 22-37

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Article, “A self-portrait by Bartel Bruyn,” Bulletin of the University of Michigan Museum of Art, Vol VI, 1983-84, 56-63

Publication of Florence Baptistery painting in James Burke’s book The Day the Universe Changed, BBC, 1985, 73

Article, “The ‘Pearl of Brabant’ Reattributed to Dirk Bouts,” Pantheon, Vol XIV, 1987, 10-14